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Eye Care Services

EYE CARE Services



In a full eye examination, our optometrist Sarah will determine the best optical correction required for you.

She will also do a number of tests to check the health of both your eyes.

A full eye check usually takes forty five minutes depending on what your individual requirements are.

It is recommended you have a routine eye examination every two years to check for changes in vision and also the health of your eyes.
People who have a family history of eye diseases such as glaucoma, or have certain conditions such as diabetes, we suggest a yearly check up.

If you wear contact lenses, it is recommended you have your eyes examined annually.



A child examination includes everything a full adult eye exam does but also testing for colour blindness.

Sarah our optometrist sees many children every year from preschool all the way through to high school.

We have picture charts for children who are not yet proficient in letters of the alphabet.

There is a spectacle subsidy available for children under the age of sixteen.
To qualify, the child or parent must have a current community services card,or the child must have a current high user card.

Bring in the current card and the child’s NHI number which you can find on their plunket book or from your family doctor.

The current subsidy amount is $287.50, and this can be used towards and eye exam and a pair of glasses.



Our optometrist Sarah can do a quick screening check on your vision and peripheral vision, and can provide you with a DL12 form stating your visual requirements for driving, instead of looking in the machine when renewing or sitting your driver licence.

If you fail the screening test, a full eye examination will be required.



We have Zeiss Visucampro retinal cameras at both Titirangi and Mt Eden practices.

They are non-mydriactic cameras that enable us to photograph through small pupils, this reduces the need for dilatation in the majority of patients. The high quality Zeiss system helps diagnose typical eye diseases like diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

We take retinal photographs to diagnose and accurately document the exisiting health of the eyes. It is also important to compare to previous retinal photos to look for subtle changes that might be occurring as the patient ages.



We have Zeiss visual humprey field analyzer at both Titirangi and Mt Eden practices.

This is the gold standard in perimetry to aid in glaucoma diagnosis and management.

Visual field testing detects how the messages are transmitted from the eye to the brain.

We use visual fields in detecting and monitoring optic nerve diseases most commonly glaucoma and other Neurological conditions.



We have the Zeiss GDX system at out Mt Eden practice only. Very few private practices have this.

This asses the retinal nerve fiber layer in earlier detection and diagnosis in glaucoma prior to visual field loss in some cases up to six years prior to a visual field defect being detected as damage in the retinal fiber layer usually occurs earlier.

The exam itself is simple for the patient and it reduces errors from lack of concentration that can occur during the visual field examination.